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Interactive operations

The following table describes interactive operations, enabled by default camera manipulation handler:

Action Mouse + Keyboard combination Touch combination
Selection Left Mouse Button Tap
Batch selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Not supported
Rotation Left Mouse Button and drag Touch and drag
Zoom Wheel +/-
Shift + Left Mouse Button and drag
Pinch open and closed
Pan Ctrl + Left Mouse Button and drag Two-finger touch and drag

Viewport settings

Camera settings

A viewport supports following camera types:

Orthographic Perspective

To change the type projectionType camera property should be used.

aViewPort.camera.projectionType = cadex.ModelPrs_CameraProjectionType.Isometric;
aViewPort.camera.projectionType = cadex.ModelPrs_CameraProjectionType.Perspective;

Viewport background

A viewport use transparent color for background rendering. It allows to change viewer background color using css.

.cadex-viewport {
background-color: #f5f5f5;


A viewcube is an interactive control that allows to switch between standard view camera positions (front, left, top, etc).

It provides 26 sensitive areas: 6 faces, 12 edges, 8 corners. Selecting each area activates smooth transition of the camera to its new position.