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CDXWEB Converter tool

CDXWEB Converter tool is a command-line application based on cdxwebconverter example. The main purpose of the tool is converting a file of any supported format to the native .cdxweb and .cdxbimweb formats used in the Web Toolkit addon. It was created to simplify the evaluation of the Web Toolkit functionality.

‍CDXWEB Converter Tool works with SDK licenses for C++, C#, Java or Python. However, only evaluation licenses are supported.

Running CDXWEB Converter tool

CDXWEB Converter tool is included in the SDK package:

  • Windows: <CAD-Exchanger-SDK-folder>\win64\vc14.1\bin\CDXWEBConverter.exe
  • Linux: <CAD-Exchanger-SDK-folder>/lin64/gcc7/bin/CDXWEBConverter

For CDXWEB Converter Tool to start, the evaluation license key should be copied into the directory containing CDXWEBConverter application.

To launch CDXWEB Converter Tool:

  1. Open Terminal or Command Prompt application.
  2. Change directory to the sub-directory containing CDXWEBConverter application.
  3. Launch CDXWEBConverter with arguments:

# prints information about supported options
CDXWEBConverter -h

General syntax

Behavior of CDXWEB Converter Tool can be controlled with the help of user-defined parameters:

  • -i - path to the file which should be imported (multiple allowed)
  • -e - path to the directory where the .cdxweb model should be exported

CDXWEBConverter -i <path> [<path> ...] -e <path>

Usage scenarios

Convert CAD file to CDXWEB

CDXWEBConverter -i "C:\\models\\test.igs" -e "C:\\models\\test\\test_model.cdxweb"

Convert BIM file to CDXBIMWEB

CDXWEBConverter -i "C:\\models\\bim_test.rvt" -e "C:\\models\\test\\bim_test_model.cdxbimweb"

Combine multiple CAD files into CDXWEB

CDXWEBConverter -i "part_1.stp" "part_2.stp" -e "model.cdxweb"

Settings used for CDXWEB conversion

CAD Exchanger SDK allows to set various parameters that indicate which data will be written to the exported file. A description of parameters can be found on the Optimizing CDXWEB file contents and Base_WriterParameters pages.

CDXWEBConverter uses the following settings to save the maximum data:

  • WriteBRepRepresentation() = true
  • WritePolyRepresentation() = true
  • WriteTextures() = true
  • WritePMI() = true
  • PreferredLOD() = ModelData_RepresentationMask::ModelData_RM_Any

Error codes

CDXWEB Converter Tool returns error codes presented in table:

Code value Error Type Description
0 General code Ok
1 General code Unknown error
2 General code General exception
3 General code No valid license
4 General code Invalid arguments number
5 General code Invalid argument
6 General code One or more native libraries not found
7 General code Limit of exports for evaluation was reached
8 General code Unable to initialize conversion limiter
100 Import error Unsupported version
101 Import error Unexpected format
102 Import error Unsupported file variant
103 Import error Import error
200 Export error Export error