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Web and desktop visualization.


CAD Exchanger SDK can be used to visualize 3D models (imported from external files or created from scratch) in web, desktop or mobile apps. Depending on your preferred approach and technology stack this can be organized in the following ways:

  • using ready-to-use CAD Exchanger SDK visualization libraries;
  • using CAD Exchanger SDK API to transfer data to supported external visualization toolkits;
  • lower level transfer of polygonal representations to own application's visualization engine or some external high-level visualization library (such as OpenSceneGraph or VTK).

Web visualization

Web applications can use CAD Exchanger Web Toolkit to visualize 3D MCAD and BIM models and 2D drawings.

Web Toolkit can also be used to visualize directly in the three.js canvas. Refer to this example for demonstration.

Desktop visualization

Desktop applications can use CAD Exchanger Desktop Visualization Toolkit to visualize 3D MCAD and BIM models and 2D drawings.

Visualization using supported external libraries

If your application uses some external toolkit supported by CAD Exchanger (such as Unity, Unigine, Eyeshot, Open CASCADE or other) then you just need to transfer data from the CAD Exchanger's data representation to one of that platform.

Refer to respective sections and examples in this documentation for details.

Visualization using other external libraries

If your application uses some other visualization engine or uses direct OpenGL, WebGL or other implementation then displaying a 3D model just requires transferring its polygonal representation (typically as triangles) and feeding it into the visualization library.

If the model already contains polygonal representation then its triangles (or polylines or points) can be directly retrieved. If the model contains B-Rep representation then a polygonal representation needs to be generated using available meshers. Refer to examples that demonstrate exploring 3D models and polygonal representations in particular.

Refer to the "Visualizing 3D models via CAD Exchanger SDK" blog post describing this workflow.