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Unity Edit Mode Import Example

Table of Contents

Reads an external CAD file and translates its contents into Unity objects in Edit Mode.


This example is based on the Unity Base Viewer Example scene.
To import CAD files without launching Unity Play Mode, in Unity panel, go to CAD Exchanger -> Import CAD file to open a new wizard tab:

  • The ModelLoaderWizard tab accepts the File Path string to identify a file that should be imported.
    You can also use the Browse File button to open the standard Windows file explorer panel.
  • The Scale Factor value is used to modify model size due to import stage.
  • To convert PMI graphical entities into Unity's objects, the Import PMI toggle should be switched on.
  • By default, materials are imported with Unity's Standard Shader. If you need to use your own one, just drag and drop it to the Custom Shader field.

Click the Import button to load a file and convert it into a GameObject. The resulting GameObject should appear in the center of the current scene.