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UNIGINE Runtime Import Example

Reads an external CAD file and translates its contents into UNIGINE objects at runtime.


This example demonstrates runtime import of CAD models into UNIGINE in two possible ways:

More information on difference between above mentioned import scenarios is presented on Integration with UNIGINE page.

The interface for runtime import consists of the following elements:

  • Input field for specifying path to a file that should be imported.
  • Browse button for selecting the file via file browser.
  • Import via SDK button for importing model using SDK add-on.
  • Import via Plugin button for importing model using UNIGINE Import system.

Once the file is picked, click one of available import buttons to start conversion. After import is done, the model should appear in the middle of scene.


Before running the example follow the steps described here.


To launch the example, open it in UNIGINE SDK Browser and click Run button.