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Global Settings

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Some CAD Exchanger SDK algorithms depend on global parameters.

Base_Settings provides a container of these parameters. SDK provides a global singleton container returned by Base_Settings::Default().

The Settings class support several types of parameters:

  • integer;
  • boolean;
  • double.

Each parameter is given an id specified by the Base_Settings::Id enumeration.

The following example demonstrates how to disable parallelism in all CAD Exchanger algorithms:

#include <cadex/Base_Settings.hxx>
const auto& aSettings = Base_Settings::Default();
aSettings->SetValue (Base_Settings::Common_ConcurrentMode, false);

For the list of available parameters, their meaning and default values please refer to Base_Settings::Id.

static const std::shared_ptr< Base_Settings > & Default()
Returns global settings object.
Definition: Base_Settings.cxx:455
Definition: Base_Settings.hxx:39