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Key Features and Benefits

Using CAD Exchanger offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Key formats support. CAD Exchanger offers import and export of all most broadly used industry formats, so that you can easily interoperate with your partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Feature-rich conversion. CAD Exchanger offers access to versatile data available in CAD formats, including polygonal and B-Rep representations, assembly structures, colors and materials, properties, layers and other meta data. Read more on supported scope.
  • Single API. CAD Exchanger SDK hides format specificities, so you just integrate your application with CAD Exchanger API only. Adding support of any new format is essentially a zero cost effort (requiring connection with a new reader and/or writer class only).
  • Robustness to poor quality data. CAD Exchanger is able to import 3D data saved in various CAD systems which use very different conventions on data representations (NURBS vs elementary geometry, tolerant vs accurate edges, 3D vs 2D curve representations, encoding periodic surfaces, etc). In the case of inconsistent, missing or incorrect data, CAD Exchanger tries hard to reconstruct data or fix errors using available correct data.
  • Performance. CAD Exchanger intensively uses parallel computations and is able to scale out across complex assemblies and up inside each part providing efficient work balance. Many key computational algorithms have been profiled and improved to run 15x-40x faster even in single thread mode. We hold two patents related to parallel computations.
  • Support of the latest available formats. We try to keep up with the latest format versions as they appear. Support in CAD Exchanger is often delivered much ahead before the newest format version reaches the mainstream market.

Please refer to a list of selected customer applications using CAD Exchanger SDK and Customer success stories to learn more about how CAD Exchanger customers benefit from adopting it in their apps.