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  • Make sure your system meets system requirements (see Supported Configurations).
  • Download and uncompress SDK archive into some directory (${install_dir}), e.g. C:/dev/cadexchanger/3.7.1.
  • Set up development environment as explained below.

Setting up development environment

This section assumes that you have at least some minimum working experience with development environment. Otherwise please make yourself familiar with the environment you plan to use.

SDK supports C++, C# and Java programming languages. Setting up development environment depends on your target programming language.

To successfully start working with SDK examples you will need to make the following:

  • Provide the license key which you received for your evaluation period. This entails importing the source file containing the key into your project and activating it with CADExLicense_Activate() (in case of C++) or LicenseManager.Activate() (in case of C# and Java). When you become a customer you will substitute it with a commercial license key.
  • Set OS-specific environment variables to paths with CAD Exchanger SDK dynamic libraries (e.g. PATH on Windows and LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux).
  • Set language-specific environment variables (e.g. INCLUDE and LIB for C++).

Set required variables according to your Visual Studio (and respective toolchain) version, target architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) and either debug or release mode. Whenever you change a required configuration (e.g. when switching from debug to release) make sure you update your environment. CAD Exchanger SDK libraries are located in separate subfolders depending on target configuration. For instance libraries targeted for Visual Studio 2015, 64 bit architecture, debug mode are located in /win64/vc14/bind subfolder.

Visual Studio versions

The following table below provides mapping between Visual Studio versions and respective subdirectories in the package:

Visual Studio versionSubfolder name
2017 vc14.1
2015 vc14
2013 vc12
2012 vc11


Release and debug libraries are located in the following subfolders:

ContentsDebug modeRelease mode
Dynamic libraries on Windows (*.dll)bindbin
Import libraries (*.lib; Windows/C++ only)libdlib
Dynamic libraries on Linux, Android (*.so) or MacOS (*.dylib)lib

32-bit and 64-bit architectures have respective suffix in the subfolders names (e.g. win32, lin64, mac64, etc).

Detailed explanations of setting respective environment are provided in the Release and Debug Libraries section.

Recommended compiler options

CAD Exchanger SDK should work out of the box with the standard compiler options. Exception support should be enabled to ensure their proper handling (/EHa or /EHsc flags in MSVC, -fexceptions in Clang and GCC).