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To evaluate CAD Exchanger SDK or, if you are an existing customer, to download a new version, go to the Customer Corner and download the SDK package from there.

Uncompress (or install with the help of an interactive installer) the package into some directory (hereinafter referred to as ${install_dir}).

Save the license key file you received for your evaluation period to the respective language directory in ${install_dir}/examples. Set up your development environment depending on your programming language and preferred IDE.

The following video explains how to uncompress the SDK package and copy the license key file:

Setting up development environment

First off, make sure your environment meets system requirements.

The fastest way to prepare your development environment is to use the provided examples and generate project files for your preferred IDE. In this case, the generators will set up required paths and environment variables for you.

Otherwise you can just copy examples' code excerpts into your existing projects. In this case, just make sure that you properly set paths to header and library files of CAD Exchanger SDK, respecting OS, architecture and debug/release versions. Note that whenever you change a required configuration (e.g. when switching from debug to release) make sure you update your environment. CAD Exchanger SDK libraries are located in separate subfolders depending on target configuration. For instance libraries targeted for Visual Studio 2015, 64 bit architecture, release mode are located in /win64/vc14/bin subfolder.

To set up environment specific to your programming language select one of the links below:

Additional Information