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X3D Converter


X3D_Reader can read and X3D_Writer can write files in X3D format (ISO/IEC 19775).


  • polygonal representations
  • colors and materials
  • meta-data (names, user-defined properties)
  • assembly structure
  • textures

X3D Measurement Units

In accordance with the X3D format specification, 3D coordinates in X3D files are to be stored in meters. Therefore during export CAD Exchanger converts values in polygonal representation (stored in millimeters as explained here) dividing them by 1000.

See also
Measurement Units


Exporter Parameters

The X3D export parameters are controlled by X3D_WriterParameters. The following table contains a list of parameters for X3D export:

Parameter Default value Description
LengthUnit() Base_LU_Meters See Base_WriterParameters::LengthUnit().
PreferredLOD() ModelData_RM_Medium See Base_WriterParameters::PreferredLOD()

Known Limitations

  • X3D supports user-defined properties with MetadataString node. It should be written in XML file with the value attribute with double quotes surrounded by single quotes (i.e. value='"string"'). Due to limitations of the currently used XML formatter this is not possible to achieve, hence user-defined properties are not being exported.
  • X3D models may contain textures but X3D_Reader currently doesn't read them.