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Revit Converter


Revit_Reader can read .rvt files from version 2018 to version 2022


  • B-Rep representations
  • assembly structure
  • names
  • user-defined properties
  • colors


Geometry Mapping

Revit importer creates B-Rep geometry from the geometry contained in the Revit models. In the presence of multiple levels of detail, the geometry corresponding to the "Fine" detail level is imported. Appearance of elements in Revit can differ depending on the visualization settings. CAD Exchanger imports colors corresponding to the "Shaded" visual style inside Revit.

Known limitations

In the current version of the Revit importer there are the following limitations:

  • Textures are not imported.
  • Polyline geometry is not supported.
  • External references to other models are not supported.
  • Revit models created from models of other formats (e.g. IFC) can exhibit issues.
  • Properties from a limited number of element types are not imported.

Most of these limitations are temporary and are going to be addressed in a future version of CAD Exchanger.