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GLTF Converter


GLTF_Writer can write GLTF 2.0 files in binary (.glb) and text (.gltf) format.


  • polygonal representations
  • colors, materials, textures
  • names
  • assembly structure

Measurement Units

In accordance with the GLTF format specification, 3D coordinates in GLTF files are stored in meters. Therefore during export CAD Exchanger converts values in polygonal representation (stored in millimeters) to meters, dividing them by 1000.


Exporter Parameters

The GLTF export parameters are controlled by GLTF_WriterParameters. The following table contains a list of parameters for GLTF export:

Parameter Default value Description
GLTFFormat() GLB Specifies the format type of GLTF file.
  • GLB
  • GLTF