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FBX Converter


FBX_Reader can read files in FBX format.
FBX_Writer can write files in FBX (7.2/7.4/7.5 version) in Binary and ASCII format.


  • polygonal representations
  • colors, materials, textures
  • names
  • assembly structure

Measurement Units

In accordance with the FBX format specification, 3D coordinates in FBX files are to be stored in centimeters. Therefore during export CAD Exchanger converts values in polygonal representation (stored in millimeters as explained here) dividing them by 10.

FBX converter doesn't support Base_LU_Micrometers and Base_LU_Mils units. If either of these values is set with Base_ReaderParameters::SetLengthUnit, the importer will use Base_LU_Centimeters instead.

Import of materials

In FBX a single part can have multiple materials, each for a specific set of vertices in the part's geometry. If a part only has one material, it's imported as this part's ModelData_Appearance. Otherwise these materials are converted to vertex colors and stored in ModelData_IndexedTriangleSet.


Exporter Parameters

The FBX export parameters are controlled by FBX_WriterParameters. The following table contains a list of parameters for FBX export:

Parameter Default value Description
FBXVersion() V2012 Specifies the version of FBX file.
  • V2012 (7.2)
  • V2014 (7.4)
  • V2016 (7.5)
  • V2019 (7.5)
IsBinary() false

Specifies whether a file must be written in binary or text format