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DXF Converter


DXF_Reader supports reading .dxf files in text format.
DXF_Writer can write .dxf files in text format.


Import Mapping

Geometry in dxf files may stored in 'BLOCK' section or in 'ENTITIES' section.
In first case, that file's type is converted to model with product structure, where each block maped to assembly.
In second case, file is converted without product structure.


Import Export
  • polygonal representations
  • B-Rep representations (stored in ACIS sections)
  • assembly structure
  • names
  • colors and materials
  • polygonal representations
  • drawings
  • names
  • colors and materials

Known Limitations

  • DXF only supports 255 different colors. If the color used in ModelData_Model isn't one of those 255 supported colors, then it's replaced with the closest supported color.