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DWG Converter


DWG_Reader can read files compliant with the DWG formats AutoCAD 2000 - AutoCAD 2002 (AC1015), AutoCAD 2007 (AC1021) - AutoCAD 2018 (AC1032).


  • polygonal representations
  • B-Rep representations (stored in ACIS sections)
  • drawings
  • assembly structure
  • names
  • colors and materials


Import Mapping

Table below shows how DWG entities are mapped into CAD Exchanger entities after import.

DWG Entity CAD Exchanger Entity
Block Header ModelData_Assembly
Insert ModelData_Instance
3DSolid, 3DFace, Polyline Mesh, SubDMesh, Polyline PFace ModelData_Part

DWG file may contain multiple geometries inside one "Block Header" entity, in that case all entities will be mapped to single ModelData_Part.

Known Limitations

DWG file may contain only BRep geometry, only mesh geometry, or both. When mixed geometry is used, CAD Exchanger converts it all to BRep, since mixed part definitions can't be represented in ModelData_Model.