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Creo Converter


Creo_Reader can read Creo files from version 2.0 to version 6.0. There's also initial support for Creo 7.0 files.

Creo has a system for storing different versions of parts and assemblies. Creo_Reader will always load the last version.


  • B-Rep representations
  • assembly structure (via external files)
  • names
  • colors

Import Mapping

Table below shows how Creo entities are mapped into CAD Exchanger entities after import.

Creo Entity CAD Exchanger Entity
Creo *.asm.* ModelData_Assembly
Creo *.prt.* ModelData_Part

Known Limitations

  • If Creo_Reader is trying to load an assembly referencing parts and assemblies of unsupported version (lower than 2.0 for most of the cases), these components will not be loaded.