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CATIA Converter


CAT_Reader can read CATIA files from version V5R16 to version V5R32.


  • B-Rep representations
  • polygonal representations
  • assembly structure (via external files)
  • names
  • user-defined properties *
  • colors
  • graphical PMI

(*) Product properties, Product: Added properties, Mass properties (partially) is supported. Added properties of Boolean type will be converted to I32 and units will not be shown due to API limintations. No unit convertions will be applied to Added properties.

Import Mapping

CATIA assemblies utilize external files. Table below shows how CATIA file types are mapped into CAD Exchanger entities after import.

CATIA File Types CAD Exchanger Entity
*.CATProduct ModelData_Assembly
*.CATPart ModelData_Part

Known Limitations

  • Limited colors support
  • Some unusual geometry may be missing
  • Properties limitations mentioned above