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BRep Converter


BRep_Reader can read and BRep_Writer can write files in BRep format.


Import Export
  • B-Rep representations
  • assembly structure
  • B-Rep representations
  • assembly structure


Importer Parameters

The BRep import parameters are controlled by BRep_ReaderParameters. The following table contains a list of parameters for BRep import:

Parameter Default value Description
BreakTopologySharing() false

Specifies if the bodies must be deep-copied prior to addition to the model.

In CAD Exchanger different bodies (belonging to the same or different parts) must not share topological shapes (faces, edges, vertices, etc) - see Validity Requirements. In particular, this requirement is relied upon to run various parallel computations (e.g. meshing). If this requirement is violated then there can be race conditions.

If the input B-Rep model is guaranteed to not have bodies with shared topologies then the option can be left at false value. Otherwise it should be set to true. Deep copy has certain overhead, so a proper value should be chosen.