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Unity Examples

Table of Contents

Unity examples are located in the subfolder examples/csharp/Unity.

Building with Unity Editor

To build the examples, follow these steps:

  1. Save the license key file you received for your evaluation program as ${install_dir}/examples/csharp/Unity/Assets/Scripts/cadex_license.cs.
    When you become a customer you will substitute it with a commercial license key.
  2. Put the following libraries to ${install_dir}/examples/csharp/Unity/Assets/Binaries folder:
    • ./csharp/win64/CadExCoreNet.dll
    • ./csharp/win64/CadExSTEPNet.dll
    • ./csharp/win64/CadExOBJNet.dll
    • ./csharp/win64/CadExFBXNet.dll
    • ./csharp/win64/CadExUnity.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/CadExCore.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/CadExSTEP.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/CadExOBJ.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/CadExFBX.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/geom.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/tbb.dll
    • ./win64/vc14.1/bin/tbbmalloc.dll
  3. Go to the Assets/Scenes folder and double-click on <Example>.unity file. The example will be built automatically.
For your convenience, you can run copy_dll.bat located in the ${install_dir}/examples/csharp/Unity folder.