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CAD Exchanger SDK includes a set of C++, C# and Java examples demonstrating its functionality. The examples are located in the ${install_dir}/examples subdirectory.

The examples are provided under a permissive Modified BSD License. You may insert their source code into your application and modify as needed.


Before launching examples make sure you:

  • Activate a license key received during evaluation (or after purchasing a commercial license);
  • Set your development environment. Refer to Setting up development environment for common settings and language-specific sections below.
Whenever you modify an example code to use any other supported converter, change between 32 and 64 bit architectures, switch between debug and release modes make sure you update environment settings and (optionally) the example code to reflect the changes.

List of Examples

For the list of available examples refer to Examples page.

Select any example that most closely matches your target use case and introduce modifications specific to your case.

Building Examples

Refer to language-specific section below: