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Integration with C3D


CAD Exchanger supports integration with C3D geometric kernel for the purpose of importing models in formats not supported by C3D itself.

Supported Versions

C3D integration is available for C3D Toolkit build version 117941 and higher (for Windows x64 and Linux). If you are interested in other configurations, please feel free to contact us at info@.nosp@m.cade.nosp@m.xchan.nosp@m.ger..nosp@m.com.

Import model to C3D geometric kernel via CAD Exchanger SDK

CadExC3DPlugin is a CAD Exchanger SDK module that allows you to import models in unsupported formats into C3D geometric kernel.

At the moment CadExC3DPlugin supports B-Rep geometry only, for all models that do not contain a B-Rep representation (mesh models) import will do nothing.

To import 3d model in an unsupported file format into C3D geometric kernel, the plugin should be loaded by specifying the full path to the CadExC3DPlugin module. After that import should be started by calling the ImportForeign method of converter.

The following example demonstrates a typical workflow:

using namespace c3d;
//load plugin
IConvertor3D* conv3d = ::GetConvertor3D();
optionNameValuePairs_t pluginSpecificSettings;
path_string fullPathToPlugin = ...;
if (cnv_Success == conv3d->LoadForeignReader (fullPathToPlugin, pluginSpecificSettings)) {
//import file
C3dModelDocument mDoc;
ConvConvertorProperty3D ccp3d;
ccp3d.fileName = C3DToPathstring (fileName);
auto readResult = conv3d->ImportForeign (ccp3d.fileName, mDoc, &ccp3d);
//release plugin
::ReleaseConvertor3D (conv3d);

It is important to put all necessary dynamic libraries near to executable or add corresponding path to environment.

For more information, please refer to Shipping application with CAD Exchanger and Redistributables pages.

Import models via plugin in C3D Toolkit's Test example

For those who prefer using Test example distributed with C3D Toolkit package it's needed to specify the path to plugin in the c3d_test.config file:

For C3D Tookit packages that do not support the config file (below 117926), it's needed to update the code as indicated in Import model to C3D geometric kernel via CAD Exchanger SDK section.

As well as any other part of CAD Exchanger SDK, CadExC3DPlugin requires license activation. Please ensure performing so before starting any interactions with the plugin.