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Building UNIGINE Examples

UNIGINE examples are located in the subfolder examples/cxx/Unigine.

Building with UNIGINE SDK Browser

To build the example project, follow these steps:

  1. Save the license key file you received for your evaluation program as ${install_dir}/examples/cxx/cadex_license.cxx. When you become a customer you will substitute it with a commercial license key.
  2. Run examples/cxx/Unigine/copy_libraries.bat to put dynamic libraries into bin folder of UNIGINE project to make them visible during runtime.
  3. Open UNIGINE SDK Browser.
  4. In "My Projects" tab, click "Add Existing -> Browse project path" and set path to "<cadex_package>/examples/cxx/Unigine". Click Import project.
  5. In the new appeared project's card, click Other Actions -> Configure -> Configure Project to restore all necessary files from UNIGINE SDK.
  6. Open project via Open code IDE button and build it.
    Default opening IDE can be specified by clicking ... under the Open code IDE button.
    Once project is compiled, you can run it by clicking Run button in UNIGINE SDK Browser.