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The full list of CAD Exchanger examples.


Import and export 3D files in different formats.

Import ExampleReads an external CAD file and translates its contents into a 3D model in memory.
Export ExampleConverts a 3D model in memory and writes it to a target CAD file.
Transfer ExampleConverts a file from one CAD format to another.
Transfer with Parameters ExampleConfigures the conversion and maps a file from one CAD format to another.
CDXFB Converter ExampleConverts a CAD file to CDXFB format used in CAD Exchanger Web Toolkit.

Model Exploring

Explore contents of the 3D model imported from a file or created from scratch.

Bill of Materials (BOM) ExampleTraverses the product structure and computes the number of instances of unique parts and assemblies.
B-Rep Geometry Exploration ExampleExplores and prints out the information about topological shapes and their geometry from B-Rep representation.
B-Rep Representation ExampleExplores topological and geometrical entities inside a B-Rep representation: faces, edges, curves, surfaces, etc.
Polygonal Representation ExampleExplores triangulation, polylines and point sets inside a polygonal representation.
Appearance ExampleCollects colors and materials attached to product structure elements, B-Rep and polygonal representations.
Property Table ExampleExplores user-defined properties ({name, value} pairs) attached to various entities inside a 3D model.
Layers ExampleExplores layers holding various entities inside a 3D model.
Transformation ExampleComputes global transformation matrix while traversing the product structure with local transformation matrices attached to assembly or part instances.
Validation Properties ExampleComputes volume, area, center of gravity and bounding box of a 3D model.
PMI ExampleExplores PMI entities attached to various entities inside a 3D model.


Use various mesh generators to create polygonal representations.

Level of Details (LOD's) ExampleCreates a part with multiple polygonal representations corresponding to different mesh granularity settings.
Visualization Mesher ExampleUses the fastest mesher to create triangulation suitable for visualization and other purposes.
Netgen Mesher ExampleUses the Netgen mesher to create higher quality meshes suitable for FEA (Finite Element Analysis).
Mefisto Mesher ExampleUses the Mefisto mesher to create meshes also suitable for FEA.
Remeshing ExampleForce usage of specific mesh for export or further processing.


Create 3D models (parts and assemblies) from scratch using various B-Rep and mesh modeling techniques.

B-Rep Geometry Creation ExampleDemonstrates creation of all curve and surfaces types, all topological entities (vertex, edge, face, etc) and all body types (solids, sheet, wireframe).
B-Rep Primitives ExampleUses solid primitives (box, cylinder, cone, sphere, torus) to construct a 3D model.
B-Rep Features ExampleUses extrusion and revolution operations to construct a 3D model.
Polygonal Modeling ExampleBottom-up creation of triangulation, polyline and point sets from 3D points.
Metadata ExampleAttaches meta-data (names, colors, user-defined properties) to a part and B-Rep sub-shapes.
Assembly Modeling ExampleCreates an assembly of several instances of a nut-and-bolt sub-assembly.
Element Removal ExampleModifies the model by removing scene graph elements with a given name.

Advanced geometry processing

Create simplified representations of models.

Mesh Simplification ExampleComputes simplified representation of mesh model.
BRep Simplification ExampleComputes simplified representation of BRep model.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Use CAD Exchanger BIM Model capabilities.

BIM Model Exploring ExampleReads and translates an external IFC file into a BIM model. Explores BIM elements and counts BIM types occurrence.


Create 3D scenes and work with them via interactive 3D views.

Basic Viewer ExampleDemonstrates out-of-the-box capabilities of a 3D viewer.
Customized Viewer ExampleSetting user-defined background style, viewcube position and other styles.
Selection Handling ExampleDemonstrates enabling interactive object selection, various selection modes and filters, as well as attachment of user-defined data.
Measurements ExampleDemonstrates performing various measurements (coordinates, angles, diameters, distances, etc) between B-Rep shapes.
Manipulator ExampleDemonstrates how to use the manipulator object to interact with a scene nodes transformations.
PMI Viewer ExampleDemonstrates how to display graphical PMI stored in the model.
Exploder ExampleDemonstrates how to create an exploded view for any models.
Offscreen Rendering ExampleDemonstrates how to capture images of the model for thumbnail generation and other uses.

Unity Integration

Use CAD Exchanger to import CAD models into the Unity game engine.

Unity Base Viewer ExampleReads an external CAD file and translates its contents into Unity objects at runtime.
Unity PMI Viewer ExampleReads an external CAD file along with PMI and translates its contents into Unity objects at runtime.
Unity Edit Mode Import ExampleReads an external CAD file and translates its contents into Unity objects in Edit Mode.
Unity Edit Mode Export ExampleTranslates Unity objects into external CAD file in Edit Mode.

UNIGINE Integration

Use CAD Exchanger to import CAD models in UNIGINE.

UNIGINE Runtime Import ExampleReads an external CAD file and translates its contents into UNIGINE objects at runtime.

Web Toolkit

Visualize, explore and analyze 3D CAD models in Web applications.

3D ViewerThe key functionality of the web viewer.
Model explorerRetrieval of data from the 3D model, including custom properties and triangles.
Tree ViewDisplay model structure using the jsTree library.
SelectionInteractive selection of elements in 3D view.
MeasurementsDistance and angle measurements between selected elements.
PMIDisplay graphical PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information).
SectioningCreate a clipping plane for any 3D model.
Model exploderCreate an exploded view of any 3D model.
NotesCreate notes in the 3D viewer.
Integration with three.jsConvert a 3D model into native three.js definitions.
Integration with ReactJSWeb Toolkit integration into ReactJS-based applications.


Various scenarios including progress bar, logging, and integration with 3rd party libraries.

Logging ExampleDemonstrates use of a custom logger to collect errors, warnings and information messages during files import.
Progress Bar ExampleUses a custom progress status observer to receive notifications of the algorithm progress.
Progress Bar with Qt ExampleQt-based graphical app displaying a progress bar and demonstrating cancellation of file import or mesh generation.