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cadex.Unity_ModelFactory Class Reference

Creates ModelData_Model from GameObject. More...

Public Member Functions

 Unity_ModelFactory ()
 Constructor. More...
ModelData_Model Create (GameObject theGameObject, string theName)
 Creates ModelData_Model from GameObject. More...
ModelData_Model Create (GameObject[] theGameObjects, string theName)
 Creates ModelData_Model from an array of GameObjects. More...
void SetParameters (Unity_ModelFactoryParameters theParam)
 Sets parameters. More...
Unity_ModelFactoryParameters Parameters ()
 Returns parameters. More...

Detailed Description

Creates ModelData_Model from GameObject.

Provides mapping from Unity into CAD Exchanger. Translates GameObject's product structure, names, mesh geometry, and colors to the corresponding CAD Exchanger entities.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Unity_ModelFactory()

cadex.Unity_ModelFactory.Unity_ModelFactory ( )


LicenseManager_LicenseErrorif no Unity add-on license was activated.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create() [1/2]

ModelData_Model cadex.Unity_ModelFactory.Create ( GameObject  theGameObject,
string  theName 

Creates ModelData_Model from GameObject.

Returns created ModelData_Model.

◆ Create() [2/2]

ModelData_Model cadex.Unity_ModelFactory.Create ( GameObject[]  theGameObjects,
string  theName 

Creates ModelData_Model from an array of GameObjects.

All the given GameObjects will be converted to children of a single root assembly. Returns created ModelData_Model.

◆ Parameters()

Unity_ModelFactoryParameters cadex.Unity_ModelFactory.Parameters ( )

Returns parameters.

◆ SetParameters()

void cadex.Unity_ModelFactory.SetParameters ( Unity_ModelFactoryParameters  theParam)

Sets parameters.