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cadex::ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewCubeStyle Class Reference

Defines a view cube style for usage in qml code. More...

Inherits QObject.


void propertyChanged ()
void normalColorChanged ()
void hoveredColorChanged ()
void pressedColorChanged ()
void textColorChanged ()
void trihedronTextColorChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewCubeStyle (ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewPort *theParent=nullptr)
QColor normalColor () const
QColor hoveredColor () const
QColor pressedColor () const
QColor textColor () const
QColor trihedronTextColor () const
void setNormalColor (const QColor &theColor)
void setHoveredColor (const QColor &theColor)
void setPressedColor (const QColor &theColor)
void setTextColor (const QColor &theColor)
void setTrihedronTextColor (const QColor &theColor)
const ModelPrs_ViewCubeStyleStyle () const
void SetStyle (const ModelPrs_ViewCubeStyle &theStyle)


QColor normalColor
QColor hoveredColor
QColor pressedColor
QColor textColor
QColor trihedronTextColor

Detailed Description

Defines a view cube style for usage in qml code.

This class is a part of Visualization Toolkit add-on, which is licensed separately from the base CAD Exchanger SDK.

The following code snippet demonstrates an usage:

ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewPort {
viewCubeStyle: ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewCubeStyle {
normalColor: "#6e6e6e"
hoveredColor: "#545454"
pressedColor: "#474747"
textColor: "#949494"
trihedronTextColor: "#949494"
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