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cadex::ModelPrsQtQuick_BackgroundStyle Class Reference

Defines a background style for usage in qml code. More...

Inherits QObject.


void propertyChanged ()
void topColorChanged ()
void bottomColorChanged ()
void transparencyChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 ModelPrsQtQuick_BackgroundStyle (ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewPort *theParent=nullptr)
QColor topColor () const
void setTopColor (const QColor &theColor)
QColor bottomColor () const
void setBottomColor (const QColor &theColor)
const ModelPrs_BackgroundStyleStyle () const
void SetStyle (const ModelPrs_BackgroundStyle &theStyle)


QColor topColor
QColor bottomColor

Detailed Description

Defines a background style for usage in qml code.

This class is a part of Visualization Toolkit add-on, which is licensed separately from the base CAD Exchanger SDK.

The following code snippet demonstrates an usage:

ModelPrsQtQuick_ViewPort {
backgroundStyle: ModelPrsQtQuick_BackgroundStyle {
topColor: "#303030"
bottomColor: "#303030"
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