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cadex::ModelPrs_GeometryVoidVisitor Class Reference

Geometry visitor with empty implementation. More...

Inheritance diagram for cadex::ModelPrs_GeometryVoidVisitor:

Public Member Functions

void Visit (const ModelData_Body &theShape, const ModelData_BRepRepresentation &theRep) override
void Visit (const ModelData_BRepRepresentation &theRep) override
void Visit (const ModelData_PolyVertexSet &thePVS) override
void Visit (const ModelData_PolyRepresentation &theRep) override
void Visit (const ModelPrs_Measurement &theMeasurement) override
void Visit (const ModelData_PMIGraphicalElement &thePMIGraphicalElement) override
void Visit (const ModelData_DrawingElement &theDrawingElement) override

Detailed Description

Geometry visitor with empty implementation.

This class is a part of Visualization Toolkit add-on, which is licensed separately from the base CAD Exchanger SDK.

ModelPrs_GeometryVoidVisitor can be used as a base class for subclasses that only need to redefine a few methods.