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cadex::ModelData_PMIOutlineVisitor Class Referenceabstract

Defines a visitor of the outlines. More...

Inheritance diagram for cadex::ModelData_PMIOutlineVisitor:

Public Member Functions

virtual void operator() (const ModelData_PMIPolyOutline &theOutline)=0
virtual void operator() (const ModelData_PMIPoly2dOutline &theOutline)=0
virtual void operator() (const ModelData_PMICurveOutline &theOutline)=0
virtual void operator() (const ModelData_PMICurve2dOutline &theOutline)=0
virtual bool VisitEnter (const ModelData_PMICompositeOutline &theOutline)=0
virtual void VisitLeave (const ModelData_PMICompositeOutline &theOutline)=0

Detailed Description

Defines a visitor of the outlines.

Method VisitEnter() returns true if the child outlines of the composite outline should be visited. If the method returns false then they will not be visited. The method VisitLeave() will always be called.