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cadex::ModelData_MeshPatch Class Reference

Represents piece of ModelData_PolyVertexSet using set of indices. More...

#include <cadex/ModelData_MeshPatch.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ModelData_MeshPatch ()
 ModelData_MeshPatch (internal::ModelData_MeshPatchImpl *theImpl)
const ModelData_PolyVertexSetPVS () const
 Returns full mesh (ModelData_PolyVertexSet).
const ModelData_IndexArrayIndices () const
 Returns IndexArray representing this patch.
bool IsNull () const
 Returns true if the object is null.
const std::shared_ptr< internal::ModelData_MeshPatchImpl > & Impl () const

Detailed Description

Represents piece of ModelData_PolyVertexSet using set of indices.

Full ModelData_PolyVertexSet is a mesh representation for a body produced by ModelAlgo_BRepMesher. Usually it's a mesh for the entire body. If the body has multiple appearances (colors), then a mesher generates a poly vertex set for each region with a single appearance, therefore this poly vertex set is a mesh for one of these regions. If a single ModelData_PolyVertexSet is needed for a multicolored body (with consistent indexing for all subshapes) you can set SaveAppearances flag to false in ModelAlgo_BrepMesher.

See also

This class represents a result of meshing a BRep shape and can be produced by ModelData_BRepToPolyAssociations class. It can represent the following types of geometry depending on the type of the input shape:

See also
meshing/visualizationmesher/Program.cs, and meshing/visualizationmesher/main.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelData_MeshPatch()

cadex::ModelData_MeshPatch::ModelData_MeshPatch ( )


Creates an null MeshPatch.