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cadex::ModelData_Line2d Class Reference

Defines 2D line. More...

Inheritance diagram for cadex::ModelData_Line2d:

Public Types

typedef cadex::internal::ModelData_Line2dImpl ImplType

Public Member Functions

 ModelData_Line2d ()
 Constructor. More...
 ModelData_Line2d (const ModelData_Point2d &theLocation, const ModelData_Direction2d &theDirection)
 Constructor. More...
 ModelData_Line2d (const Handle_C &)
const ModelData_Point2dLocation () const
 Returns an origin point. More...
const ModelData_Direction2dDirection () const
 Returns a direction. More...
double Parameter (const ModelData_Point2d &thePoint) const
 Returns parameter for a 2D point. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cadex::ModelData_Curve2d
 ModelData_Curve2d ()
 ModelData_Curve2d (const ModelData_Curve2d &theOther)
 ModelData_Curve2d (ModelData_Curve2d &&theOther)
 ~ModelData_Curve2d ()
ModelData_Curve2doperator= (const ModelData_Curve2d &theOther)
 Assignment operator.
ModelData_Curve2doperator= (ModelData_Curve2d &&theOther)
 Move assignment operator.
ModelData_CurveType Type () const
 Returns a curve type.
bool IsNull () const
 Returns true if the object has not been initialized yet. More...
void Nullify ()
 Resets the object. More...
 operator bool () const
 Returns if the object has been initialized. More...
bool IsPeriodic () const
 Returns true if the curve is periodic.
double UMin () const
 Returns a minimum parameter of a definition domain. More...
double UMax () const
 Returns a maximum parameter of a definition domain. More...
void Domain (double &theUMin, double &theUMax) const
 Returns a definition domain. More...
ModelData_Point2d Value (double theParameter) const
 Evaluates a point on the curve. More...
ModelData_Curve2d Reversed () const
 Returns a curve with reversed orientation. More...
void Transform (const ModelData_Transformation2d &theTransformation)
 Applies transformation matrix to this object. More...
ModelData_Curve2d Transformed (const ModelData_Transformation2d &theTransformation) const
 Returns a copy this object after applying transformation. More...
ModelData_Continuity Continuity () const
 Returns a continuity type of the curve.
void D0 (double theParameter, ModelData_Point2d &theValue) const
 Returns the point theValue of parameter theParam. More...
void D1 (double theParameter, ModelData_Point2d &theValue, ModelData_Vector2d &theD1) const
 Returns the point theValue of parameter theParam and the first derivative theD1. More...
void D2 (double theParameter, ModelData_Point2d &theValue, ModelData_Vector2d &theD1, ModelData_Vector2d &theD2) const
 Returns the point theValue of parameter theParam and second derivatives theD1 and theD2. More...
bool DN (double theParameter, size_t theDerivativeOrder, ModelData_Point2d &theValue, ModelData_Vector2d theD[]) const
double Curvature (double theParameter) const
 Returns the curvature value of parameter theParam.
void Normal (double theParameter, ModelData_Direction2d &theNormal) const
 Returns the normal direction theNormal of parameter theParam.

Public Attributes

 operator Handle_C const
- Public Attributes inherited from cadex::ModelData_Curve2d
 operator Handle_C const

Detailed Description

Defines 2D line.

For detailed description refer to 3D counterpart ModelData_Line.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelData_Line2d() [1/2]

cadex::ModelData_Line2d::ModelData_Line2d ( )


Empty constructor.

◆ ModelData_Line2d() [2/2]

cadex::ModelData_Line2d::ModelData_Line2d ( const ModelData_Point2d theLocation,
const ModelData_Direction2d theDirection 


Creates a line from point and direction.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Direction()

const ModelData_Direction2d & cadex::ModelData_Line2d::Direction ( ) const

Returns a direction.

Returns the value specified in the constructor.


◆ Location()

const ModelData_Point2d & cadex::ModelData_Line2d::Location ( ) const

Returns an origin point.

Returns the value specified in the constructor.


◆ Parameter()

double cadex::ModelData_Line2d::Parameter ( const ModelData_Point2d thePoint) const

Returns parameter for a 2D point.

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