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cadex::ModelAlgo_ValidationPropertyData Class Reference

Aggregation of all validation properties that could be computed. More...

Public Types

typedef cadex::internal::ModelAlgo_ValidationPropertyDataImpl ImplType

Public Member Functions

double Volume () const
 Returns a volume.
double & Volume ()
 Sets volume.
double SurfaceArea () const
 Returns a surface area.
double & SurfaceArea ()
 Sets surface area.
const ModelData_PointCentroid () const
 Returns a center of mass.
ModelData_PointCentroid ()
 Sets center of mass.
const ModelData_DirectionFirstAxisOfInertia () const
 Returns a first axis of inertia.
ModelData_DirectionFirstAxisOfInertia ()
 Sets first axis of inertia.
const ModelData_DirectionSecondAxisOfInertia () const
 Returns a second axis of inertia.
ModelData_DirectionSecondAxisOfInertia ()
 Sets second axis of inertia.
const ModelData_DirectionThirdAxisOfInertia () const
 Returns a third axis of inertia.
ModelData_DirectionThirdAxisOfInertia ()
 Sets third axis of inertia.
ImplType * Impl () const

Detailed Description

Aggregation of all validation properties that could be computed.

Introduced to compute all validation properties (volume, surface area, COG, axes of inertia) at once. This helps to improve performance compared to computing each property separately.

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