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cadex::ModelAlgo_BRepFeatures Class Reference

Creates B-Rep shapes using various feature modeling techniques. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ModelData_Shape CreateExtrusion (const ModelData_Shape &theShape, const ModelData_Vector &theVec)
 Creates an extrusion body. More...
static ModelData_Shape CreateRevolution (const ModelData_Shape &theShape, const ModelData_Axis1Placement &theAxis, double theAngle=2 *M_PI)
 Creates a revolution body. More...

Detailed Description

Creates B-Rep shapes using various feature modeling techniques.

Provides static methods to construct higher-level B-Rep shapes from input B-Rep shapes using various solid, sheet or wireframe modeling techniques such as extrusion and rotation.

The resulting shape type depends on the type of the input shape and is described in the following table:

Input typeResulting type

The following table demonstrates supported operations:

Extruding a Wire into a Shell
Creation of a solid by revolving a face
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Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateExtrusion()

ModelData_Shape cadex::ModelAlgo_BRepFeatures::CreateExtrusion ( const ModelData_Shape theShape,
const ModelData_Vector theVec 

Creates an extrusion body.

Creates an extrusion body obtained after extrusion of base shape theShape along vector theVec.

◆ CreateRevolution()

ModelData_Shape cadex::ModelAlgo_BRepFeatures::CreateRevolution ( const ModelData_Shape theShape,
const ModelData_Axis1Placement theAxis,
double  theAngle = 2 * M_PI 

Creates a revolution body.

Creates a revolution body by rotating a base shape theShape around direction of axis theAxis by an angle of theAngle.

The result is a topology with a higher dimension :

  • Vertex -> Edge
  • Edge -> Face
  • Wire -> Shell
  • Face -> Solid

theAngle limits the revolution body along the rotation angle. theAngle must be in the range (0, 2 * PI].

The basis topology must not contain shells, solids, body or bodylist.