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cadex::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue Class Reference

Describes square form keyway issue found during cnc machining turning design analysis. More...

Inheritance diagram for cadex::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue:
cadex::DFMBase_Issue cadex::MTKBase_Feature

Public Member Functions

 DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue ()
 DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue (const Machining_Pocket &theKeyway)
const Machining_PocketKeyway () const
void SetKeyway (const Machining_Pocket &theKeyway)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cadex::MTKBase_Feature
 MTKBase_Feature ()
 ~MTKBase_Feature ()
void Nullify ()
bool IsNull () const
 operator bool () const
 Casts the object to the bool type.
template<typename T >
bool IsOfType () const
ImplType * Impl () const
template<typename T >
T * Impl () const
 Reserved for internal use.
bool operator== (const MTKBase_Feature &theObject) const
bool operator!= (const MTKBase_Feature &theObject) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CompareType (const MTKBase_Feature &theFeature)
 Returns true if theFeature is a dfm square-end keyway issue.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cadex::DFMBase_Issue
static bool CompareType (const MTKBase_Feature &theFeature)
 Returnstrue if theFeature is a dfm issue.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cadex::DFMBase_Issue
typedef cadex::internal::DFMBaseImpl_Issue ImplType
typedef std::shared_ptr< ImplType > ImplPtrType
- Public Types inherited from cadex::MTKBase_Feature
typedef cadex::internal::MTKBaseImpl_Feature ImplType
typedef std::shared_ptr< ImplType > ImplPtrType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cadex::DFMBase_Issue
 DFMBase_Issue (ImplPtrType theImpl)
 Reserved for internal use.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cadex::MTKBase_Feature
 MTKBase_Feature (ImplPtrType theImpl)
 Reserved for internal use.
- Protected Attributes inherited from cadex::MTKBase_Feature
ImplPtrType myImpl

Detailed Description

Describes square form keyway issue found during cnc machining turning design analysis.

A square keyway is a slot that mechanical components can be attached to. Creating a square keyway when designing a part for cnc machining turning presents some difficulties. One of these difficulties is the precise accuracy and size of the keyway slot. The dimensions and tolerances of the keyway must be within specific parameters for the mechanical component to be secured properly onto the shaft. Secondly, the corners of the square keyway can be prone to damage, including stress concentrations that can lead to weakness and eventual breakage.

Contains pocket that represent square-end keyway.

See also
DFMMachining_Analyzer, Machining_Pocket
MTKConverter/Program.cs, MTKConverter/main.cxx, machining/dfm_analyzer/Program.cs, and machining/dfm_analyzer/main.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue()

cadex::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue ( const Machining_Pocket theKeyway)


Creates a square-end keuway issue from the Machining_Pocket object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Keyway()

const Machining_Pocket & cadex::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue::Keyway ( ) const

Returns square-end keyway.

See also

◆ SetKeyway()

void cadex::DFMMachining_SquareEndKeywayIssue::SetKeyway ( const Machining_Pocket theKeyway)

Sets square-end keyway.

See also