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cadex::BaseError_UnexpectedFormat Class Reference

Indicates that a file's format doesn't match the reader. More...

#include <cadex/BaseError_UnexpectedFormat.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for cadex::BaseError_UnexpectedFormat:

Public Member Functions

 BaseError_UnexpectedFormat (const Base_UTF16String &theFormatName)
const Base_UTF16StringFormatName () const
 Returns the name of the format that was expected.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cadex::Base_Exception
 Base_Exception (const Base_UTF16String &theWhat)
 Constructs an exception object from the error message.
 ~Base_Exception ()
const Base_UTF16StringWhat () const
 Returns a message associated to the exception.
template<typename T >
T * Impl () const
 Reserved for internal use.
const ImplPtrType & SharedImpl () const
 Reserved for internal use.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cadex::Base_Exception
typedef std::shared_ptr< internal::Base_ExceptionImpl > ImplPtrType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cadex::Base_Exception
 Base_Exception (ImplPtrType theImplPtr)
 Reserved for internal use.
- Protected Attributes inherited from cadex::Base_Exception
ImplPtrType myImpl

Detailed Description

Indicates that a file's format doesn't match the reader.

An exception class whose instances are thrown when a reader is used to import a model of the format different from the format of the reader.

A common use case is when file contents don't conform to format specifications or models of different formats have the same extension. When a non-matching reader is used, this exception can be thrown.

This exception is only thrown if a feature-flag Base_Settings::UseExceptions is enabled. For more information refer to Error handling.
MTKConverter/Program.cs, and MTKConverter/main.cxx.