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cadex::Base_LoggerAppender Class Referenceabstract

Base class for all log message appenders. More...

#include <cadex/Base_LoggerAppender.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for cadex::Base_LoggerAppender:
cadex::Base_LoggerAsyncAppender cadex::Base_LoggerFileAppender cadex::Base_LoggerStreamAppender


class  Sentry
 Helper class to unregister the appender from the logger upon own destruction. More...

Public Types

typedef UTF16 CharType
 Defines a character type of user-visible strings.
typedef const UTF16CharPointerType
 Defines a type of the pointer to the character type.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Base_LoggerAppender ()
Base_LoggerAppenderoperator= (const Base_LoggerAppender &theAppender)
 Assignment operator.
virtual void Append (CharPointerType theMessage)=0
 Appends a message.
const std::shared_ptr< internal::Base_LoggerAppenderImpl > & Impl () const
 Returns internal implementation object.

Protected Member Functions

 Base_LoggerAppender ()
 Base_LoggerAppender (const std::shared_ptr< internal::Base_LoggerAppenderImpl > &theImpl)
 Base_LoggerAppender (const Base_LoggerAppender &theAppender)
void Construct (const std::shared_ptr< internal::Base_LoggerAppenderImpl > &theImpl)
 Delayed constructor.
Base_LoggerAppenderThis ()
 Returns a pointer to this object.

Detailed Description

Base class for all log message appenders.

Subclasses must define the virtual method Append() which is called by the logger to process a message.

The message is provided in the form of a Unicode string.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Append()

virtual void cadex::Base_LoggerAppender::Append ( CharPointerType  theMessage)
pure virtual

Appends a message.

Implemented in cadex::Base_LoggerFileAppender, and cadex::Base_LoggerStreamAppender.