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Data viewer API allows to display CAD data on your website by integrating 3D Viewer into web page.

CAD Exchanger Cloud Embedded Viewer

CAD Exchanger Cloud Embedded Viewer is a simplest way to add visualization abilities on your website using <iframe> HTML element. By appending parameters to the iframe URL, you can customize the visualization experience in your application. For example, you can automatically start model loading and displaying using the autoPlay parameter or enable ViewCube (tool that helps to orient the camera) displaying using the showViewCube parameter.

CAD Exchanger Web SDK

CAD Exchanger Web SDK is JavaScript software library to load, explore, analyze and visualize 3D models in browser. Using JavaScript language software vendors can add custom visualization abilities into their custom applications. For more information see documentation.


The user's browser must support the HTML5 WebGL-canvas feature. Most modern browsers support this feature.