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Screenshot generation

Generation of 3D model screenshots with CAD Exchanger Batch is similar to the conversion between formats. Screenshots can be saved in PNG, JPG and BMP formats.

./ExchangerConv -i ../models/kk35-7.stp -e kk35-7.png -s settings.ini
Screenshot generation is not supported on macOS. Please contact us at info@.nosp@m.cade.nosp@m.xchan.nosp@m.ger..nosp@m.com if you are interested in such functionality.


Screenshot generation uses OpenGL API for image rendering and requires graphic driver with OpenGL 2.1 (or higher) support. For better performance the latest graphical driver should be installed on the machine.

Software rendering via Mesa 3D Graphics Library can be used for screenshot generation on machines with OpenGL 1.x only support (e.g. Windows/Linux server with default graphical driver).

To generate screenshots on Linux machine additional packages should be installed. Please refer to guide on how to setup environment on Linux machine.

Configuring image output

Settings file is used to customize screenshot output. All settings related to the image generation should be placed in [%7B7299022c-2011-4b30-962c-caaa39cbcb05%7D] section:

# settings.ini

For more details about supported settings please refer to the graphical formats settings section.

Basic parameters

  1. width - image width in pixels.
    height - image height in pixels.

    Line width for "Shaded with boundaries" display mode is automatically adjusted to look consistent for different image sizes.
  2. bgcolor - background color.

  3. cameraprojection - camera projection mode.

  4. cameraposition - camera position

  5. representation - representation to display.

  6. displaymode - display mode used for rendering.