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Launching CAD Exchanger CLI

To launch CAD Exchanger Command Line Interface (CLI):

  1. Open Terminal or Command Prompt application.
  2. Change directory to the sub-directory containing ExchangerConv application: cd <path-to-CAD-Exchanger-folder>/bin
  3. Launch ExchangerConv with arguments (e.g. ExchangerConv --help).

Windows specifics

"CAD Exchanger Command Line Interface" item from the Start menu launches Command Prompt already in the folder containing ExchangerConv.

MacOS specifics

The guide below explains how to launch the Terminal in the folder containing ExchangerConv application.

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  1. Launch Finder and navigate to the Applications tab.
  2. Right click on the CAD Exchanger application and select Show Package Contents item.

  3. Copy license file into Contents/MacOS folder.

  4. Select Contents/MacOS folder, click Action button in toolbar and select New Terminal at Folder menu item.

  5. In opened terminal run ExchangerConv application.
    $ ./ExchangerConv -i ../models/kk35-7.stp -e kk35-7.stl
    CAD Exchanger 3.7.1 build 12316 (cadexchanger.com)
    Importing ../models/kk35-7.stp...Done.
    Exporting kk35-7.stl...Done.

General syntax

Behavior of CLI can be controlled with the help of user-defined parameters:

  • -i - path to the file which should be imported (multiple allowed)
  • -e - path to the file where the model should be exported (multiple allowed)
  • -s - path to the settings file
ExchangerConv -i <path> [<path> ...] -e <path> [<path> ...] -s <path>

Usage scenarios

Convert file from one format to another

ExchangerConv -i "C:\\models\\test.igs" -e "C:\\models\\test.stp"

Combine multiple files into one

ExchangerConv -i "part_1.stp" "part_2.stp" -e "assembly.x_t"

Convert file to multiple formats

ExchangerConv -i "file.sat" -e "file.igs" "file.stp" "file.obj"

Generate screenshot

ExchangerConv -i "test.jt" -e "test.png"

Apply settings file

ExchangerConv -i "file.jt" -e "file.stl" -s "settings.ini"

Recognized extensions

Format Name Extensions Import Export
SolidWorks sldprt, sldasm
Creo prt.*, asm.*
Siemens NX prt
AutoCAD DWG dwg
IGES igs, iges
STEP stp, step
ACIS sat, sab
Parasolid x_t, x_b
Import only: xmt_txt, xmt_bin, xmp_txt, xmp_bin
JT jt
IFC ifc
Rhino 3dm
BRep brep
3MF 3mf
3DS 3ds
Collada dae
DXF dxf
FBX fbx
glTF glb, gltf
U3D u3d
Wavefront OBJ obj
X3D x3d
VRML wrl
STL stl
Native CAD Exchanger format xml, cdx
Export only: cdxfb
Graphical formats png, bmp, jpg, jpeg